What type of compression therapy to choose in each situation?


Once again, the post in summer time has compression therapy as its main theme. Last year we talked about the “Essential Decalogue in the fight against venous hypertension”https://www.elenaconde.com/en/essential-decalogue-in-the-fight-against-venous-hypertension/. This time we will also talk about compression in a very practical way. Here you may find attached an article that we have just published, with theoretical but undoubtedly practical aspects of compression therapy.

In this publication we describe the characteristics of the different compression therapy devices that we commonly use in the practice, both in the prevention and treatment of venous ulcers. It is always a good time to remember that compressive therapy is the best antihypertensive and anti-inflammatory treatment for any leg ulcer as long as there are no contraindications.

Although I have dedicated some posts in a monographic way to some of these devices (“Zinc impregnated bandages: Unna boot and much more“, “Why are adjustable compression wraps so popular?”) I think it is very useful to have a little scheme of “when to select one or the other, that is, in what kind of patients or situations is more beneficial some of them… So here you have it:)

Before going to the schematic, remember that all systems can be used with or without an ulcer. However, in large ulcers, we will normally recommend bandaging. In the case of small ulcers, which require frequent dressing changes, stockings or the adjustable compression wraps are good alternatives.

With this post I say goodbye until September with this beautiful watercolor that a very special patient has given us… If there is a word that for me defines perfectly our wound clinic is “EQUIPAZO”… How nice when we are also seen like this by people we love to help 🙂

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