Thank you for what you have taught me all these years

To Celia Horcajada, Francisca Martín and Paloma Morales of the Gregorio Marañón General University Hospital. We formed a great team that made the beginning exciting.

To Madeleine Flanagan and Susan Knight of the University of Hertfordshire (United Kingdom). The postgraduate training you lead is excellent.

Cristina Rojas Mercader, a skin ulcer expert based in London. I hope we’ll meet again soon.

To Nuria de Argila, Mariano Bermejo, Rosa María Bonilla and Luz, from the Chronic Wounds Unit of the Puerta de HIerro University Hospital. I have not been able to learn more with you.

To Elia de Santiago, Juan Rosa, Paz Bermejo and the rest of the colleagues of the Dermatology Service of the Infanta Leonor University Hospital. It is a great pleasure to work with you.

To Soledad Guisado, Laura Pérez, Alicia Peral, Juan Montoro, Lorena Recarte and the rest of the team, for having involved you so much in this. We make a great team.

Soledad Elena

To Pablo de la Cueva, Head of the Dermatology Service at the Infanta Leonor University Hospital, for his unconditional support.

To my patients, for your trust and because you make my work my passion.

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